Launch of GeoPortOst

Map portal and georeferencing of hidden maps of Eastern and Southeastern Europe
Enter the Maposphere!
The DFG funded project GeoPortOst provides access to more than 900 maps printed in research literature.
The collection contains thematic maps about history and the territorial dynamics of Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
To increase the visibility of the digital maps, we have started a project where those who are interested are asked to help us to improve the geographic accessibility of the maps. By launching the GeoPortOst-Georeferencer that enables users to match the old map with a modern base map, we want to extend the public usage of the maps.
Discover the landscape of Eastern and Southeastern Europe and help us place our digitized maps on the globe. Your name will be credited, and your efforts will significantly improve public access to the collection. Contributors can see the results of their work, as well as the progress of the project and other participants. The top contributors will be publicly announced and will receive a thank-you gift We would appreciate any support!
Contact: geoportostclear(clearacleartclear)clearios-regensburgclear.clearde


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