DOING ARCHITECTURAL RESEARCH socio-political perspectives on theories, methodologies & praxis

26 JUNE 2017  Department of Architecture | University of Cambridge

This one day workshop that will explore and question what constitutes
architectural research, specifically research from socio-political perspectives.
We are particularly interested in how we, as researchers concerned with
architecture, overlap with and diverge from disciplines such as planning,
sociology, geography and anthropology, on questions of ethics, methods,
theories and praxis. The workshop is designed as a forum in which everyone
has an opportunity to speak, share their experiences and connect with others
conducting research with an architectural grounding.


Prof Wendy Pullan, Head of Department of Architecture and Director of Centre for Urban Conflicts Research, University of Cambridge

Dr Suzanne Hall, Director of LSE Cities Programme, Assistant Professor in Sociology, London School of Economics

Dr Ben Campkin, Director of the UCL Urban Laboratory and Senior Lecturer in Architectural History and Theory at the Bartlett School of Architecture


For more details and to submit an expression of interest, visit:

Hanna Baumann
PhD Candidate | Department of Architecture | University of Cambridge
385 King’s College, Cambridge CB21ST, UK


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