LCC Space & Place Research Hub: Somewhere in Between Residency at Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre Wed 26. April – Sat 29. April 2017

Come along everyday this week to the Space and Place Residency at the LCC Studio Space, First Floor E&C Shopping Centre, London SE1 6SB. All welcome.

Over the course of four days the Space and Place Research Hub is in residence at the LCC studio space in the E&C Shopping Centre. Through a series of events including workshops, talks, reading groups, performances, walks, exhibits and a conference, the hub will engage local residents, retailers, workers, school children, the Latin American community, academics, designers and artists with questions of place in the context of Elephant & Castle.

Exhibition of Beating the Bounds, Tower, Writerly Readers – open daily Wed 26. Thurs 27.  Fri 28. April, 18.00- 20.30.
Artists and designers talks and discussion Thurs 27. April 18.00 – 20.30. + Programme of events as scheduled below.

Nela Milic: BoothiqueWed 26. April, 16:00 – 20:00
The threshold of public and private space over the course of Nela’s artists’ residency in the ground floor studio off Walworth Road in 2012 became a world opener to both sides – her at home and people on the street. Nela won Southwark Community Art Award in 2015 for this project. Nela aims to use the same method by interacting with the local residents for a public reading of her book chapter offering passers-by the opportunity to engage with the hub activities. Nela will record, exhibit and talk about this experience and research into the locality. Nela Milic is an artist and senior lecturer in the Design School at London College of Communication.

Miranda Iossifidis: Space & Place Research Hub Reading Group.
Wed 26. April, 16.00 – 18.00
Miranda is facilitating a reading group to dicuss The Autonomous City: A History of Urban Squatting by Alexander Vasudevan. All welcome. Email Miranda if you want to come along Miranda Iossifidis is a lecturer in the Design School at London College of Communication.

Nela Milic: Public reading of her chapter from Art and the City: Worlding the Discussion through a Critical Artscape, a book edited
by Jason Luger, Julie Ren and recently published by Routledge
Wed 26. April, 18.00 – 20.00

Lucy Thornett: Tower.
Wed 26. April – Fri 28. April: Site Specific Performance, 20.30 – 21.30
Tower is performed in the windows of the LCC tower building and watched from the street with binoculars. The audience will listen to a binaural recording of the performers’ movements, creating the sense of being in the same space with the performers while watching from afar. Responding to the architecture and shifting urban landscape of the city in the context of the regeneration, the performance will allow audiences a glimpse into everyday lives and intimate moments housed within the city’s towering architecture.

For Somewhere in Between, Tower will be presented as a live performance and re-presented as a video and sound installation, experimenting with the experience of the work across different formats. Bookings for the live performance are essential as capacity is extremely limited:

Lucy Thornett is an artist, scenographer and lecturer in Spatial Design at London College of Communication.

Luise Vormittag: [with Latin Elephant] Recorriendo Elephant / Walking the Elephant. Thurs 27. April 15:00 – 17:00 & Fri 28. April 16:30 – 18:30: Workshop, open to the public – all welcome.
Luise Vormittag will collaborate with ‘Latin Elephant’, the Latin American community organisation in Southwark, to design creative and critical responses to Southwark’s Planning Application Elephant and Castle Town Centre and LCC Campus at the E&C. The aim is to collectively produce visual maps that capture the current use of the shopping centre by the Latin American community and to use these outputs to engage local government representatives in debates on future urban imaginaries as well as the particular concerns of the Latin American community.

Luise Vormittag is an illustrator, designer and researcher. She lectures in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins and is pursuing her practice-led PhD at the London College of Communication.

Eva Sajovic & Corinne Silva: Beating the Bounds [LCC Public Programme].
Thurs 27 April 17:00–18:00: Participatory walk, starts at LCC entrance, open to the public – all welcome.
Elephant & Castle doesn’t exist as a political ward, yet it exists in the imagination of people who live and work in the area. Artists Corinne Silva and Eva Sajovic invite students and members of the community to join them for a participatory walk, led by Lewis Bush and Matthew Coleman, who will show us their personal boundaries of the E&C. Beating the Bounds is an ancient English custom in which a priest and members of the community, armed with willow boughs, would beat the parish boundary markers, lest they be forgotten. This is one of several such walks organised by the artists over the past year. Material gathered will contribute to a final map containing narratives, photographs, and lines drawn by the feet of the walks’ numerous participants.

Eva Sajovic is an artist photographer, living and working in London, and teaching across UAL. Corinne Silva is is an artist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Photography and the Archive Research Centre at the London College of Communication.

Vanessa Price: Writerly ReadersFri 28. April 09.15 – 16.00:
Workshop with Oasis South Bank Academy, Lambeth.
Vanessa’s research project Writerly Readers discusses the role of graphic design in presenting and mediating the visual narratives of inner city regeneration and was first presented at the ‘Semiotics & Visual Communication: Culture of Seduction Conference’ in Cyprus in 2015. Vanessa’s paper Writerly Readers: Semiotics at the Elephant and Castle (2016) uses practical design workshops that have taken place at LCC over the last five years to question the role of graphic design in the consumption and display of the spectacle city. For the shopping centre residency Vanessa and LCC Outreach are hosting a workshop with school students from the Oasis South Bank Academy in Lambeth to explore word and image responses to the redevelopment at the Elephant & Castle.

Vanessa Price is graphic design researcher, educator and Lead Tutor in Postgraduate Studies on MA Graphic Media Design within the Design School at London College of Communication.

Somewhere in Between: Borders and Borderlands.
Saturday 29. April 9:00 – 17:00
Somewhere in Between: Borders and Borderlands is a conference organized by the Interdisciplinary Research Foundation, London Centre for Interdisciplinary Research and the Space and Place Research Hub, LCC, University of the Arts, London.


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