Space and Place hub is invited to Katowice, Poland

Our MA student Martyna Bielak is part of the organising team at the conference Co-Design Your Palace in Katowice, Poland. She invited Lucy Thornett and Nela Milic from the Space and Place research hub to give a talk about the regeneration in Elephant and Castle are where our university is situated. We are looking forward to attending the event:



Deadline: 14th September 2018

The Urban Studies Foundation Seminar Series Competition aims to support the generation of internationally excellent research in all areas of urban studies. In the 2018 competition, we seek to support between 6 and 8 seminar series, in each case up to a maximum of £20,000.

We welcome proposals from academics working in any country, and we expect the proposal to be of international interest in terms of its coverage and scope. Each series must propose at least two separate events in one or more different institutions. Details of funded proposals from previous years can be found in the Further Particulars document available to download below, as well as on our website under the Seminar Series profiles and Previous Grantees section.

All proposals should be capable of generating scholarly debate and dialogue that is compelling, significant, and contribute to publications of world standard. Unlike previous years, there will be only one stage in the application process.

Prospective applicants should download and consult the Further Particulars and application form documents on the USF website. Applicants should send their completed application forms and supporting documents to Joe Shaw ( before the competition deadline 14th September 2018.

Please see:

Arrivals and Departures Symposium, 18th of May 2018 at LCC

Space and Place Research Hub is organising a symposium and a book launch on the 18th of May 2018.

At the event, we will discuss inhabiting and moving through spaces and places. We demarcate arrivals and departures as time-based experiences of those notions at domestic, urban and geopolitical scales. We will explore the politics and poetics of a range of arrivals and departures; from navigating cityscapes, to migration and border crossings. We are also open to considerations of disciplinary boundaries and movements. As a hub, we are interested in how design as a field of practice and research can interrogate the world we live in.

Detailed programme about the event can be found here:

Register via Eventbrite if you want to attend. PLEASE NOTE: If you are ONLY attending the Cartographic Abstraction in Contemporary Art book launch and not the day’s symposium – please do not use this registration page but rsvp instead to and

More about the book launch and the author can be found here:

Claire Reddleman is an academic and photographic artist who gained her PhD in cultural studies from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her book ‘Cartographic Abstraction in Contemporary Art: Seeing with Maps’ is published by Routledge and introduces the theoretical innovation ‘cartographic abstraction’ – a material modality of thought and experience that is produced through cartographic techniques of depiction. Reddleman closely engages with selected contemporary artworks (by artists Joyce Kozloff, Layla Curtis, James Bridle, Trevor Paglen and Bill Fontana) and theories in each chapter. Reconfiguring the Foucauldian underpinning of critical cartography towards a materialist theory of abstraction, cartographic viewpoints are theorised as concrete abstractions. This research is positioned at the intersection of art theory, critical cartography and materialist philosophy.

Claire is currently a postdoc researcher on the AHRC-funded project ‘Postcards from the Bagne’, led by Sophie Fuggle at Nottingham Trent University. This project engages with the legacies of the former penal colonies in French Guiana and New Caledonia, and includes taking a cartographic approach to understanding the multiple sites belonging to the penal colony and the connections both historical and contemporary between these sites. The research is also interested in how these sites are ‘imagined’ cartographically within the context of historical travel writing and journalism and as part of an emerging global penal tourism.

Also speaking will be Layla Curtis, whose work ‘Antipodes’ is discussed in ‘Cartographic Abstraction in Contemporary Art: Seeing with Maps’. Layla Curtis is an artist whose practice has a focus on place, landscape and mapping. Her multi-form work examines the attempts we make to chart the earth, how we locate ourselves, navigate space and represent terrain.

Layla Curtis will discuss her mobile phone app Trespass. Trespass provides users with an oral history of Freeman’s Wood; an area of edgeland situated on the outskirts of Lancaster, England that has been used for decades by local people for recreation. The land is currently owned by an offshore property company who recently erected a metal fence around the plot, barring locals from entering under threat of breaking trespass laws.

The app uses geo-location to identify where users are in relation to the boundary of Freeman’s Wood and uses geo-fencing technology to restrict access to most of the audio content. Access to all thirteen audio tracks is only granted if the listener chooses to trespass, crossing both the physical fence, and the app’s virtual geo-fence, into Freeman’s Wood. Trespass was commissioned by StoreyG2 as part of Landed (Freeman’s Wood). App is developed by Ron Herrema.


Another Land: Experimental Visualisations of Place


Another Land is an exhibition and events programme exploring experimental visualisations of place in art and design practice, jointly hosted by Kingston Museum and the Stanley Picker Gallery, taking place in Spring 2019.

Submissions are sought from postgraduate practice-based researchers and early stage researchers at Kingston University, the Royal College of Art and University of the Arts London. Artists, designers and practitioners across disciplines are encouraged to apply. Work might address (but not be limited to) contested sites, fictive and real spaces, narratives, identity, power & representation, new & established technologies, and social and public engagement. Work that connects to place-based disciplines including (but not limited to) anthropology, archaeology, geography, landscape architecture and museum studies is also welcomed.

Another Land aims to generate discussion and compare methods, knowledge and communication in the visualisation of place. The exhibition and associated events seek to trace and show both process and outcome, so please describe how a methodology or process informs the work in your submission.

We are particularly interested to hear from practitioners who would like to contribute an event (workshop, talk, performance) to Kingston Museum and/or the Stanley Picker Gallery. Consideration will also be given to projects that have potential to align with themes and concerns of the collections held at Kingston Museum:
Museum collections and exhibitions | The Royal Borough of …
Landing page for Museum collections and exhibitions. Ancient Origins. The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames has a rich archaeological heritage.

Please provide a description of the project (150 words max) along with 3 images and/or moving image (max 1 min). If submitting moving image, please upload to Vimeo (or other host) and include a web link in your submission.
Email submissions to
Deadline: Monday 21st May, 12pm midnight.

Exhibition and events period April – June 2019
This project is a collaboration between the London Doctoral Design Centre (LDoC), Kingston School of Art, the Stanley Picker Gallery and Kingston Museum.

We aim to inform applicants of our decision by early June.

Leah Fusco
Visiting Lecturer
Visual Communication
Royal College of Art
Garden House
Dorando Close
W12 7TU